Heliport data

1 FATO dimensions/surface NIL
2 FATO markings NIL
3 TLOF dimensions/surface 22 x 22 m on roof hospital, concrete
4 TLOF markings Heliport identification marking (red H on white cross).
TLOF marking (white line).Touchdown marking (yellow circle).
5 Obstacle limitation

Two approach surfaces AVBL:

       090°GEO to FATO sloping 8%

       277° GEO to FATO, sloping 4.5%.
Two take-off surfaces AVBL:

       097° GEO to FATO, sloping 4.5%

       270° GEO to FATO, sloping 8%.

Buildings north en south of heliport, equipped with red obstacle lights

6 Significant obstacles Chimneys south of heliport, 255ft AMSL, illuminated by floodlights and red obstacle lights.
7 Lights Green lights along edge TLOF
8 Windsock Illuminated wind direction indicator.
9 Remarks NIL
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